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Re: My Heart Operation
« Reply #30 on: 13 February 2018, 10:14:17 PM »
Ordinary pre-ops stay in date for up to 6 months Ann - Pete had to have his re-done cos his prostatectomy was overdue - my pre-op for my cataract op was done on 4th December last year so they wouldn't need another unless it was after 4th June I had it done.

If they need other specialist tests to be done within a different timescale then these aren't part of the pre-op process cos they require specialised staff to do them.

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Re: My Heart Operation
« Reply #31 on: 14 February 2018, 07:29:25 AM »
It might be different for cardiac surgery Jenny as six months would be too long between some of the tests and surgery, at least everyone I've know of whose had cardiac surgery has had their surgery done within a few weeks of the the pre-admission test. Since Dr DeEath is having surgery at the Brompton I've got a link to their pre-admission test page:  Of course they might find something else wrong and that would delay things....

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Re: My Heart Operation
« Reply #32 on: 14 February 2018, 08:12:32 AM »
Maybe it's hospital based. My surgery was meant to be done within 2 weeks after the pre-op too.
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Re: My Heart Operation
« Reply #33 on: Today at 01:27:13 PM »
Normally the pre-op is done a week or two before surgery so it's a good sign you have been given your pre-op appointment date !

Yes, its Monday 12th. No idea how long it is valid for if everything is OK. Once I needed a second minor op four months after the first and they said there was no need for another pre-op. Another hospital delayed an op for a couple of months (again not major) and I had to do the whole pro-op again! So who knows - I suspect it can be down to individual hospitals/departments and staff. Sometimes I think it is redone to buy time!
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Re: My Heart Operation
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Good luck

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