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Complications / Re: Retinal Bleed
« Last post by sedge on Today at 07:09:28 PM »
hee hee - next time |I have to have any will be for my cataract op - and they start off with the first dse of the ones that numb your eye - so you don't feel a thing other than 'wet' going in!  Lervly.
General discussion / Re: Horrible week!
« Last post by sedge on Today at 07:07:03 PM »
Well a lady at work with little boobs reckoned it was more painful for small breasted women and a lady with big ones told me the opposite.  Here am I with medium sized ones to say I reckon it's just ruddy painful, end of story!  I like it when the radiographers keep chatting to try and distract you from concentrating on the pain and discomfort - but sure as hell whilst some have been more comfy and some less - with every single one I've thought exactly the same thing and that is if you don't stop in a minute you nasty old %^&&^&% - I'm going to damn well SCREAM! - then instant relief - and then the nasty old ^&$&%£& starts on the other one!

It's along the same lines as having warts etc burnt off with liquid nitrogen, which gets hotter as it goes and it's 'concentrated' but longer than the average accidental cigarette burn.  Just after the thought goes through my head 'if you don't bloodywell stop, right now, I am going to scream and then immediately slap you/punch you/poke you in the eye (whatever violence appeals at that juncture)

However - it can't possibly be THAT bad else we'd never go again, would we!  We go cos we feel we're better off doing that - much the same as those orrible cannulas or indeed cervical smears !
Complications / Re: Retinal Bleed
« Last post by Quantum Learning on Today at 02:50:51 PM »
Apparently they're now using a 'more' stingy one  :(
General discussion / Re: Horrible week!
« Last post by Quantum Learning on Today at 02:49:18 PM »
I've always called the breast scanner a trouser press  :o
Complications / Re: Retinal Bleed
« Last post by Dr DeEath on Today at 02:09:18 PM »
Well back to ophthalmology yesterday. I was quite worried as the previous person gave the impression of leaving more treatment for next time and I have had quite a few odd floaters. This time I saw yet another person who I subsequently found out was the ophthalmology lead. It appears there is some detritus from the previous heavy bleed and subsequent. But the feeling was there was no need for further laser at this stage. Back in four months. And for a change I was in and out within 45 minutes complete with follow up appoinment. Gave me pleant of time to relax with a Costly coffee whilst my eyes settled - it seem to take longer these days but for some reason they put in two set of stinging drops. And yes I was told that they sting even after saying I have had these regularly for decades!
General discussion / Re: Horrible week!
« Last post by Dr DeEath on Today at 01:56:23 PM »
My partner had a colonscopy last year. Same prep  but with no diabetes to contend with just visits to the loo. She was famished a few hours later when things had settled down. Fortunately, all clear but told to drink more and eat more fibre!
General discussion / Re: Horrible week!
« Last post by sedge on Today at 12:40:35 PM »
Sorry - I'm giggling at all the replies!

Pattti - I hope you get some answers that are helpful - when do you get to discuss the results?
Introduce yourself / Re: New Member
« Last post by sedge on Today at 12:32:00 PM »
Blimey !

There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst the medics who have treated you, as to what Type of diabetes you have.  Sounds like someone for some reason thought you were Type 2 when you were transferred to Lantus alone and indeed some T2s can manage fine with the extra help of an exclusively 'slow acting' insulin - but no T1 could manage - it may be enough to prevent us dying but the mind boggles.

Normally when T1s for whatever reason develop insulin resistance - which is a very common feature of T2, not T1 - then we are offered Metformin to see if it helps.  This sounds 'wrong' initially cos Metformin is the first T2 drug of choice when people are diagnosed T2.  However it really does help counteract IR in most cases, therefore either type can improve their body's response to whatever insulin the body has available - so their own insulin in T2 (who are still producing more than enough for themselves but because of the IR they can't use it efficiently) or the 'exogenous' insulin which all T1s inject into their own body.

Pattidevans is a 'late diagnosed' Type 1, also developed insulin resistance, was offered Metformin which has some well known side effects so she's had to try various amounts of it and has tried stopping it and different 'types' of the drug as well over a number of years to eventually settle well on the most suitable amount to fit what her body actually needs without her having to inject 'a gallon' of insulin every day.

So to sum all that up for you, Tobias - yes I think you should change back to a more sensible Type 1 insulin regime using both a slow acting one and a fast one (the normal MDI system that is usual for T1) but also add Metformin, to see if that assists reducing your IR.  With Metformin it is usual to start off with a low dose and then adjust it upwards gradually to get to the optimal dose and to make sure the side effects (gastric ones - wind and worse) don't hit you like a ton of bricks - they 'normally' take 3 weeks or so to dissipate so you have to leave up to a month between dose increases, it isn't instant anyway because it's a type of drug that needs to build up gradually in your body (which again takes about 3 weeks) till you see if that dose is enough.

Sorry it isn't simple!
Off topic / Re: Menopause!
« Last post by Paulines7 on Today at 11:49:18 AM »
I can't remember having any symptoms from the menopause other than heavy bleeding.  When I was in my late 40's, I lost a lot of blood every month and I was unable to control it.  When I was in my early 50's, they took me in for a TCRE which takes away the lining of the womb.  That put a halt to my periods and I had no menopause symptoms.  I count myself lucky as my Mum had a terrible time when she went through hers.  She had bad headaches for about 10 years.

Venomous, I agree with Sedge that you should see your GP and ask to see another consultant.   
General discussion / Re: Horrible week!
« Last post by everydayupsanddowns on Today at 11:31:38 AM »
Sorry to hear about all this Patti.

Hope the results come through swiftly and offer some clarity.
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