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General discussion / Re: went to a christmas party last night
« Last post by sedge on Today at 01:46:51 PM »
99.9% of jelly is unacceptable because even if it's veggie gelatin, the colouring is no longer labelled cochineal, they now call it carmine but it still comes from the same place!
General discussion / Re: Sedge has had an accident
« Last post by sedge on Today at 01:39:54 PM »
Fancy you being 'emptied' Mrs E !  Good ole predicted text!

No more news till the next X ray, in January - though I have another physio apt next Tues so if there's anything new then, I'll tell you.  Just bored with it now!  Hoping he'll be able to say in Jan when he wants to take the metalwork out.

Oh by the way - D clinic last Weds - fortunately the snow hadn't been as bad in Rugby so all the roads paths and most of the carparks were clear, so I got up the slope OK (coming back down after hurt more) and my A1c was 50!  Absolutely gobsmacked how good it was.
Off topic / Re: Prostate Cancer Back Again
« Last post by sedge on Today at 01:30:02 PM »
Just sending you both more hugs Pauline  X
Off topic / Re: Prostate Cancer Back Again
« Last post by Paulines7 on Today at 11:16:16 AM »
hi @pauline
have you any update ??
and is John feeling any better in himself ?

it really is a worry -- i just want to send some positive hugs your way !!!!
[[[hugs]]]  xxx

Paul, thank you for your concern.  John keeps having his appointment with the Urologist postponed.  It was 7th December, then moved to 4th January and is now 18th January.  His last PSA test was in October but not high enough for the cancer to show on a scan.  He will be having another PSA test a week before he sees the Consultant.

John has also been bleeding on and off from the bladder since November and has been hospitalised twice since then.  They flush through his bladder each time it happens and have also given him another cystoscopy.   He still passes blood now and again so it is something else that we need to discuss with the Urologist. 

John is not feeling very good most of the time.  He doesn't think that he is emptying his bladder completely and has some pains in the lower half of his body, around his intestines.  He also gets very tired and he is naturally very worried about his health. 

Thank you for your hugs, Paul.  It is always good to know that others care. 
We don't do too many presents anyway, no more than three per person and that usually includes a book and a piece of clothing.  They are all going to the movies together on Christmas Eve to see Star Wars except for me as Lily is too young for all that yet so she gets to help me at home. I will cook our Christmas meal for them to come home to. I dont really want to see Star wars anyway lol. The only decoration I have so far is a wreath I made with my little boy for the front door, we used mistletoe, holly, dried orange slices and cinnamon to decorate it :)
We have cut down on presents this year and the only ones I have bought so far are gift tokens for my grandchildren who will be 13 and 16 in a couple of months time.  They are the ideal gifts for them as they both like shopping for clothes.  I still have no idea what to get John and Gavin for Christmas.

We are trying to catch up with the decorating as stair, landing and bedroom carpets are being laid on Tuesday.  Once that is out of the way, we will get the Christmas tree and lights down from the loft and start to get into the festive mood.

We don't have any big parties and will not be going away.  Christmas day there will be three of us as my youngest son (now 40), lives at home.  On Boxing Day, a friend from our village will also be joining us.  On the 27th, our other son, his partner and our two grandchildren will be here and staying for a couple of days. 
Food, diet and weight management / Re: Sweets
« Last post by Paulines7 on Today at 10:02:48 AM »
I agree Paul, far more tempting, but if I am on a bus or a train with a very dry mouth (I mean so dry I can hardly speak and my tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth),then a sugar free sweet is a boon eaten to moisten my mouth rather than from enjoyment and I am grateful there are such things.

Tell me about it Patti, an annoying side effect of the medication that we both take.  I usually have a bottle of made up lemon squash with me most times but if I am popping to the post box, I often forget to take it with me.  I can hardly speak too when it happens so if I meet someone on the way there, it can be very embarrassing when my speech is slurred.  This makes me feel nervous and then it gets worse. 

It's bad at night too so I always have a glass of squash beside my bed.  My GP gave me a saliva spray to use but I didn't find it helpful and prefer a mouthful of squash instead.
Oh no!! I can only imagine in those days!! It is so much more common now that there are multiple different varieties of vegan replacements for milk/butter in every supermarket. Egg replacements are a bit trickier, but there are multiple ways of working around that we have found.
General discussion / Re: went to a christmas party last night
« Last post by Pattidevans on Today at 09:42:10 AM »

Thanks for the ideas.   Much appreciated.  Julian was saying “but there’s only one vegetarian coming” and as I said to him that might be the case, but non-vegetarians will eat vegetarian offerings so best to have plenty on offer otherwise there might be little left for the actual vegetarian person.

Vegan is a bit of a nightmare.  I recall years ago when we had the hotel we had a vegan couple come for 2weeks on half board.  They only told us they were vegan on the afternoon when they arrived and we had to provide a vegan dinner that evening.... arghhhh!
Food, diet and weight management / Re: Sweets
« Last post by Pattidevans on Today at 09:33:37 AM »
I do like a sugar free mint from time to time
I use those to help my ears pop when landing on a plane.

Sorry.. I have this vision of you dropping from the sky to land on your bum on top of a plane!
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