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There was a 'news' item about Price Harry
Is that "bargain price"?
LOL - I'd never heard of it before either Pauline!

There was a 'news' item about Price Harry publicly holding hands with Meghan at the Games.  This woman reckons because there has been a PDA, announcement of their betrothal must be imminent.

Pardon? I reckon it could stand for public display of affection - but how the hell was I sposed to know that automatically!
I knew you were teasing too and your comment really made me laugh.  I had to look up GD&R though.   ::)
I know Alan and he would know I was teasing.  Hence GD&R (grin, duck and run).
Patti !!!!!!   :o

Alan's mother looks incredibly young in that photo.  I hope I look like that when and if I get to my late 80's.   ;D

She looks very young!  How can she possibly be the mother of an old fart like you Alan??? GD&R!
LOL Alan - is she called Vi, or is that her motorhome's name ?
What a great lady!
General discussion / Re: hypoglycaemic episode
« Last post by Venomous on Yesterday at 10:07:17 AM »
Perhaps order her a freebie meter and have her test FBG and before and after meals with the free testing strips. If there's anything concerning there, she can take her research to her GP and have them do an hba1c.
General discussion / Re: Latest DSN and GP Appointments – Possible Heart Problems
« Last post by Alan on 24 September 2017, 10:30:27 PM »
It's OK folks, I do let her know :). I promise not to hijack the topic after this. The pic is a few years old, Mum was a youngster in her late 80s at the time. I think this was taken when she drove to Western Australia and back with some side trips, about 12,000km round trip, with two other octogenarians in convoy (PS I just worked out the distance. That's a bit like London to Moscow via Istanbul and Madrid.):

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