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General discussion / Re: Thanks!
« Last post by TerryJ on Today at 07:20:54 AM »
I had been using Specsavers so I had my last eye test there. I had a look around for new frames and estimated that the ones I fancied would be about three hundred quid in total so I took my prescription down to Asda.

I went for the full works, Karl Lagerfeld frames, varifocals with anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings plus Reactolite and the whole lot came to £159.

Goodbye Specsavers, Hello Asda.
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by Liam on Yesterday at 08:38:04 PM »
Dose wise 20% is more for me than many. I think my top basal rate is around 1.75 / hour. Then again I'm not that sensitive to insulin so big changes are needed to see any effect.

So far it is working fairly well. I've been sitting 5-7 at each finger prick today.

I had originally planned to do 10% but decided I was more interested in stopping the hypos first then working on good results.
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by sedge on Yesterday at 07:34:05 PM »
Well I'm sorry but I'm not going to wish the warmer weather would go away LOL  I even felt the need to water some hydrangeas in tubs this afternoon.  Do watch out though cos 20% is quite a lot and it is forecast to turn cooler again over the weekend.

It's brought the great big fat noisy bumble bees out from wherever today though, and had to help one out of the bathroom earlier as it was too dopey to find the open window next to the fixed pane.  Made a right racket along that side of the house afterwards.  Had a huge buzzing fly in the kitchen yesterday too - keep the summer but ban the insects LOL
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by nytquill17 on Yesterday at 05:38:12 PM »
Bit of both, I think. How cold or hot it is does affect what measures the body will have to take to conserve or dissipate heat; makes sense that this would involve some hormonal changes (adjusting metabolism up and down; instructions to conserve more or less body fat, etc.) and anything that changes the hormone balance in your body can change your insulin needs!
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by Liam on Yesterday at 04:59:10 PM »
I'm up in Scotland so while it has been nice for the time of year it hasn't been super hot. It is the first time I've noticed a change that might be weather related. I know others have in the past so think it might be that. I've always wondered if it was just extra activities because of weather too. Like hanging washing, cutting grass etc

General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by Quantum Learning on Yesterday at 12:55:53 PM »
The hot weather has definitely had an effect on me, been struggling with high no's recently then suddenly, without doing anything different, down to 'normal' figures last night. Took it's time though, been hot for days  :)
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by himtoo on Yesterday at 08:53:26 AM »
yeah , 3 hypos in 1 day would be a warning flag to drop basals. keep us updated on how you get on following the basal drop.
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by nytquill17 on Yesterday at 12:01:23 AM »
After 3 hypos in one day I think I would have done the same! No idea what might be causing it though. Only thing we can do sometimes is react and then wait and see.
General discussion / Re: Hypos!
« Last post by Pattidevans on 20 April 2018, 11:33:17 PM »
That's a bit extreme, but I would also cut basal in your situation Liam.  Keep a close eye on it.
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