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General discussion / Re: New heart valve gone wrong
« Last post by sedge on Yesterday at 11:25:28 PM »
Well we walked all the way up the bell tower at Seville Cathedral and when we got there, you could only see OVER the high parapet if you were several inches taller than me. Where the floor joins the parapet - there's a 2 ft high sloping stonework 'brace' with absolutely no room to put a size 5 toe on it to get a step up.

The sky was blue.  Pretty boring after all that bloomin effort!  Generally though, I have to stay away from 'edges' these days - years ago, spent 10 days in a Majorcan hotel room on the 11th floor and I had to grit my teeth to put the towels and swimwear out to dry!  I'd never been that high before.  Then at Lloyd's of London a paternoster lift.  Oh horrors - me and the co sec from the airport both had to face inwards and both of us were mega relieved when we could get out of it.
General discussion / Re: Dexcom CGM
« Last post by sedge on Yesterday at 11:14:21 PM »
Great Jen!
General discussion / Re: New heart valve gone wrong
« Last post by Avocado on Yesterday at 08:39:00 PM »
I think I might be the same as you Patti in that situation ! I won't go there !
General discussion / Re: Dexcom CGM
« Last post by Pattidevans on Yesterday at 08:30:39 PM »
I saw your post in the FB Libre group Jen.  Glad it is helping you.
General discussion / Re: New heart valve gone wrong
« Last post by Pattidevans on Yesterday at 08:29:20 PM »

I am terrified of high open spaces.  I went to Barcelona and was truly looking forward to see the roof of that Gaudi building, La Pedrera.  Got up there and J went off to take photos leaving me standing.  Within 5 minutes I was hanging onto a chimney utterly petrified and he had to come and get me... You were supposed to go up one staircase and down another at the other end of the roof.  I crawled back to the "Up" staircase on all fours and the guard took one look and said "vertigo" and let me go down!  I felt mortified, but honestly.. I could not have stayed another minute!
Events, links, news and opinions / Re: Salt intake and death rates
« Last post by Pattidevans on Yesterday at 08:21:20 PM »
OMG... as Sedge says... Ancel Keys all over!
General discussion / Re: Live To Be 100
« Last post by Pattidevans on Yesterday at 08:14:01 PM »
Dr. D

 The link takes me to google and then it tells me that it's trying to take me to the Express and then goes to the main Express page but not the article.  Do you have a direct link please?
Events, links, news and opinions / Re: Salt intake and death rates
« Last post by Venomous on Yesterday at 07:01:54 PM »
Blimey - this is worse than the Ansel Keys cock-up!

I don't restrict my salt intake but have more than once been shown to have 'low' serum sodium levels.  Not mega low, just a BIT low.  The medical profession as a whole (ie Diabetes consultant and GP) wanted me to stop taking Losartan for my BP and instantly swapped me to other drugs - all of which caused instant (within a few days) caused my feet and ankles to swell horrifically.  The normal remedy for this is to start a diuretic - but these are totally contra-indicated - for the simple reason that I have low sodium!!  I was pleased about that, frankly.  I hate the thought of having to take extra chemicals to counteract the others, unless I rely on whatever's causing whatever to stay alive.  (eg you know, if I needed chemo for cancer or something else along those lines)  Makes me feel like I want to stop taking everything - other than just insulin which I do actually need to stay alive in the first place, so I'll never stop actually WANTING DESPERATELY to continue using it LOL

I dunno what to do, or think.

I sympathise. I feel just like this too!
General discussion / Re: Live To Be 100
« Last post by Venomous on Yesterday at 06:58:09 PM »
I was looking up demographics last night as we are considering which school for our little one and found that the 'healthy' life expectancy for men is 59 and for women 58 in our part of London!! Scary!
General discussion / Re: New heart valve gone wrong
« Last post by Venomous on Yesterday at 06:43:26 PM »

I have to admit being inside the MRI is my idea of hell. I don't like the confinement or the knocks and thuds and screeches of the machine or being unable to move around and the feeling of being at the mercy of the machine, the automatic injection, and the people behind the wall. I generally cry a little and jump at all the noises. I guess I'm just mega anxious in that environment.

When I went into the CT the other night for my chest (I'm coughing a lot and spitting up blood) the nurse was like "you're breathing so hard, are you in pain?" I wasn't at all, just terribly anxious!

I like hearing other people like it, I shall try to think of that next time I have to do one.

It could be you have an instinctive thing about being “confined" V which is very difficult to change. Some people don’t like being in caves but I do, makes me feel instinctively “safe” but other people don’t feel safe being confined so for them it’s the opposite instinct. To give an analogy about instinct - I once went on a cable car up a mountain in France - I was so looking forward to it, so excited about it. I got in the car, which was big a glass one, with dh and ds and it set off - that instant I was completely overcome with fear and holding on to my seat and the wall of the cable car. I could not understand my reaction, I had no control over it, I had really and truly been looking forward to the ride. It was a pure instinctive reaction to being “dangled" in the air like that. The whole ride up to the top of the mountain was hell, and of course I had to come down that way. I love aeroplanes though - go figure.

When I lie still in the MRI machine it makes me relax, kind of enforced relaxation and I often nearly fall asleep. I try to work out the pattern of the bangs which I’ve never been able to work out after many MRIs, they always differ depending on the scan. Perhaps if you listen to the noises on an internet site it might help prepare you if you have to have one ever again. The other thing I thought to myself the very first time I went in one, being a Star Trekkie, was I imaged I was in outer space in an “space pod” and that the bangs were signals being sent out from my pod !

But I hope you don't have to have more MRIs V, it must be awful to feel so anxious in the machine - I hope they give you some diazepam or something similar if you do.

I love the imagery, I might try that if I do ever have to go through it again.

I don't think I like confined spaces really but I'm okay if I know that there is a route out.
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