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General discussion / Re: Why I am not as active right now
« Last post by nytquill17 on Today at 03:46:36 PM »
And Alan, the flu is no joke! A few years back OH and I both caught it at the same time and the detail that stuck out to me was being so glad we'd saved all those packets of plastic utensils from take-aways because neither of us had the strength to wash so much as a spoon! Glad you're feeling better now.
General discussion / Re: Why I am not as active right now
« Last post by nytquill17 on Today at 03:44:35 PM »
Good grief! Does he get paid by the day or something? It seems like he is doing his utmost to stretch this out as long as possible and make himself seem necessary to the process when he is about as useless as can be! To say nothing of sexist. If there's any kind of licensing board or professional order you can report him to after you are safely moved in I hope that you do, because it really seems like this person should no longer be practicing professionally if he is incapable of doing basic research or treating a woman as capable in her own right!
Insulin pumping / Re: pre-bolusing timing
« Last post by Pattidevans on Today at 10:58:10 AM »
Sorry Paul, didn't mean to question your insulin delivery.  Thing is, most of us only have experience of our own pump, so we find it difficult to understand that someone else's pump behaves quite differently.

Out of interest do you have a link to the information about delivery time?
General discussion / Re: Why I am not as active right now
« Last post by Pattidevans on Today at 10:48:38 AM »
Alan, as usual you have been missed, but you know, life comes first!
  I hope you enjoyed the cruise and are now feeling better from your flu.

Just as an update...  it's been a very rough road buying our new house.  I have been close to despair at times!  To give an example - last Friday I spoke to the Solicitor after he had come up with such gems as "Yes, there is a building certificate, but it is a private one, not issued by the Council". It had taken me all of two minutes to discover, via the internet, that private certificates are perfectly acceptable to anyone concerned (such as a Mortgage company) provided the certificate comes from an accredited company using an approved inspector and indeed that is what is happening these days in Cornwall as the Council haven't enough inspectors to cope.  So I tell the Solicitor that we are happy with this and in that conversation we agree to proceed to completion as the only minor blip is the wrong selling price on the 10 year warranty.  I contact the vendor's sale agents and ask them to gee this up (though in fact our solicitor should have done this via the vendor's solicitors).  So we expected completion this week and had a happy weekend. 

Monday comes and it appears we are back to Sq 1 as our solicitor has discovered some extra entries in the Land Registry that "have just appeared".  So another week passes whilst he queries with the other solicitor whether the entries pertain to our plot.  It transpires not..... it is a large plot with mixed usage and the entries pertain to the commercial interests elsewhere on the large plot.  Having seen the entries (but not until yesterday morning) I could have told him that.  So yesterday I phoned again and asked "so we can now proceed?"  Well, no it appears not, because he wants to put in more queries regarding the (so far as we can see, perfectly acceptable) Mining survey done before construction commenced.   I ask how long he sees this taking and he hazards a guess that it will be two weeks.  By this time I have gone so rigid that Julian thinks I will have a stroke.... so he takes over the phone call and I have to go out of hearing distance.  We have employed the tactics of "good cop, bad cop" throughout this purchase, depending on who is speaking to him.  To cut a long story short Julian put his foot down and said "Enough!  If you must, then write a disclaimer to say we went against your advice". So we signed at his office yesterday and completion is supposed to take place on Monday.

Throughout the time we were in his office the Solicitor treated Julian as his sole client and spoke directly to him... including saying "your wife should sign there". Rather than saying "Mrs Evans you need to sign here ". To me that just summed him up.  We shall see.... completion should be Monday... fingers crossed.

Of course until it does we can't order various things to be delivered, such as a shed, a fridge freezer, the carpets and we cannot really move in until the carpets are laid and we at least have a fridge.

Meantime the stress has impacted on my BGs terribly... FBG never lower than 9 even with massive increases of overnight basal and frequent trips into the 20s post prandially.  Have changed cannulas, put new insulin into the pump in case the opened vial had degraded...nothing has helped.
Introduce yourself / Re: I'm new
« Last post by Alan on Today at 08:48:36 AM »

I'm here because I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in June; my Hba1c was 42.

I was told to eat a low GI diet and that's my main focus now


Treat that diet as just your starting point, then please click on this: Getting Started
General discussion / Re: Why I am not as active right now
« Last post by Alan on Today at 08:45:30 AM »
Sorry I've been absent. A week on a cruise, then a week in bed with the flu. Back soon.
Insulin pumping / Re: pre-bolusing timing
« Last post by sedge on Yesterday at 08:58:31 PM »
I didn't know that Omnipods were that slow either - I wondered what the heck you were on about - I never looked it up or timed it but both the Combi and the Insight you just hear and fell the pump going click click click until the whole bolus has been delivered, just seconds every time.  No slower than with a pen really.
Insulin pumping / Re: pre-bolusing timing
« Last post by himtoo on Yesterday at 01:44:56 PM »
my bolus does not go in quite so quick as yours :) -- I did a quick online search and came up with omnipod delivers a bolus in 1 unit every 44 seconds

I pre bolus almost all the time and normally achieve fab 2 hour post prandial rises in BG

I was just wanting to see what others do and to enquire about the timing including the bolus time or not.

obviously as yours goes in so quickly it is not an issue.
General discussion / Re: Retinal Vessel Occlusion
« Last post by himtoo on Yesterday at 01:38:21 PM »
BBarb== I too gripped the nurse's hand hard -- but it was fear of pain rather than actual pain.
I do feel for you loads though -- I would never describe it as pleasant -- and the people in the waiting room want a giant slap for laughing and joking -- insensitive to others in the room that were / are anxious !!
General discussion / Re: Don't touch OAP
« Last post by nytquill17 on Yesterday at 01:00:28 PM »
That actually sounds just fine, plumb!

0.19 means, as I understand it, that you have about 1/5 the health problems you could potentially have out of all the problems that they keep track of. Considering you have 3 major chronic diseases I'd say that a score of 0.19 says you are in fine fettle, all things considered!
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