Author Topic: Anyone experienced induction without drugs?  (Read 542 times)

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Anyone experienced induction without drugs?
« on: 03 November 2012, 07:35:46 PM »
I'm just starting to acknowledge that this baby is going to have to come out somehow! I feel a bit like I'm on a production line at the moment, heading towards induction with drugs at 38 weeks, and I want to make sure I've considered all alternatives before I agree to that.

 I understand the reasons behind inducing at 38 weeks, and am relatively comfortable with agreeing to that. But I'm concerned by the number of stories I hear about induction drugs creating much stronger contractions, leading to increased need for pain relief which can slow down labour, which increases the risk of needing an emergency C-section.

 Does anyone have any experience of induction without drugs - using methods such as Foley's catheter or others? I've spoken to a few people who've successfully used this approach, but would be really interested to hear if any of you guys have used it?
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Re: Anyone experienced induction without drugs?
« Reply #1 on: 03 November 2012, 09:00:21 PM »
I had a very successful induction. I only had two pessaries-no drips etc. born next day. I was petrified as she hadn't 'dropped' before hand and I was told my cervix was closed and unfavourable at the start. But it all worked out. Full on contraction about 12 hours after first pessary.

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