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week 27
« on: 11 November 2013, 03:32:39 PM »
Hello all,
well ive not got a lot to report, but just thought i'd say hello.  Im now almost 26 and a half weeks pregnant, time is going quite quickly now! 

Had a stressful couple of weeks with husbands job which got me 'emotional eating' - and i can honestly say eating 6 chocolate bars did not make me feel better.  Were both getting back on track this week, him in new job and im cracking on with my nutrition/bg, i've been testing bg but not writing anything down the last couple weeks.

I changed my breakfast porridge brand from quaker oats to Lidl oatilicious (39p for a big bag!!) and at the same time have reduced my breakfast novorapid from 16U (which wasnt working very well at keeping bg under 7.5 at 2 hours), to 5U which keeps bg a steady 5.5 at 2 hours.  Im amazed by how much difference a brand can make - the lidl stuff seems to keep me fuller too which is a bonus all round.  Still struggling with hypo's, only mild so far - normally twice a day, unless i do a bit of exerciise then its more.  My problem is not choosing the right snack at these times, as i end up higher than I'd like before lunch and before dinner. Trying to balance bg and snacking and not putting too much weight on it is tricky (as i cant afford to put much weight on). Ive reduced my lantus back down to 10U at night, as i was having too many hypos at 12U, which seems to be working fine. 

I'll have a growth scan in a fortnight, hoping that baby will be fine.  Midwife scared me 2 weeks ago telling me i measured 28 weeks at 24 weeks, but my reasoning brain says my belly easily has extra cm's on it before being pregnant and its not necessarily a huge baby.  I'll wait for the scan before i panic.

I've started nesting quite seriously now (as i think im going to be working up to 37 weeks now, and baby will be out at 38 at latest according to docs).  So the washing machine is earning its keep this week!   


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Re: week 27
« Reply #1 on: 11 November 2013, 04:15:54 PM »
Hi Feejee, thanks for keeping us updated.  Glad the job situation has worked out OK.  Seems like you are doing well generally.  I think the hypo management situation has to be worked out to something that's pre-packed and gives you just enough without overdoing it so you don't ricochet high.  I use Lucozade tablets because actually they're not anything you are keen to go on eating (or drinking) once you've eaten sufficient which in my case is usually 2 tabs and then if food isn't imminent I have found either 1 of those packets of Weight Watchers biscuits or a single finger of Twix is enough.  Fortunately the WW biscuits are packed in sealed packets of 2 - about 14g carp per 2, and the Twix are in singles individually packed - get the ones off the biscuit shelf, not the ones in the sweet department. the ones in packs of 16.

Good luck with the nesting - looking forward to hearing the next update  :)

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