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rant about DSN
« on: 09 January 2014, 04:45:16 PM »
This is exactly the reason I dont phone the DSNs for advice every day about my sugar levels.

Ive just done my 2 hour post lunch test, and got an 11.6 - the highest number ive seen throughout pregnancy. Dr told me Tuesday to increase lunchtime insulin to 22U, as there was a pattern of 8's post lunch.  Ive had the same today for lunch as yesterday, yesterday with 22U i scored a 5.5 post lunch.   The only difference was i normally eat lunch at 11:30, today i had meetings so had to wait till 13:30.

I have been very uncomfortable today, had to take my boots off at work as my feet were hurting (they swell a bit) and ive been moving about all day as it hurts my legs and bum to sit.  It just clicked that this was exactly how i felt over the christmas week when i couldnt get bg in control.  Feet bit swollen, hurting and was moving seats every 10 minutes. Hence thinking i need to do something drastic to get bg down. So i took myself 16U novorapid to correct (which i was doing over the christmas week as corrections with little effect) and phoned the DSN number up.  Got through to the lady who told me off on the phone last week, not the nice DSN i see at antenatal clinic.  I start to say about my levels, and she says put the novorapid up to 23U tomorrow and call back in the morning.  (this is all they ever say to me on the phone 1 or 2 Units, when im correcting by 10-20 with little effect) and neither of those things help me right now.  Im boiling hot, drinking like a fish and feel absolutely rotten.  She then gives me a lecture on correcting that much and i shouldnt do it on my own.  I told her im not stupid and of course im going to test over the next few hours in case i go low. 

I had my bp and urine checked Tuesday (so between these 2 feet hurting episodes) and both were clear, so i dont think its pre-eclampsia (though i will check on my home bp monitor when i get in).

What i needed was to speak to the antenatal DSN, get some advice and support, not be criticised and belittled. Ive now worked myself up into such a state i had palpitations, been crying at my desk looking like a lunatic and the stress will probably put bg up even more. 

I've got an appointment with midwife tomorrow morning, so ill ask her to check my bp just in case, and see if i can pop in on the nice DSN to discuss my numbers with her. I just needed to get this off my chest, as im in a bit of a state again.
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Re: rant about DSN
« Reply #1 on: 09 January 2014, 06:37:35 PM »
I can't believe their attitude towards you.  IMHO it deserves a formal complaint.  Of course I can understand you not wanting to do that right now, and after baby is here you'll have too much on your mind - but for the sake of others coming after you it would be worth it.

So... are you sure it's not the actual Novorapid?  Has it been somewhere warm?  I mean even in your handbag it could have been near a radiator.  Sometimes chucking the pen and getting a fresh one out of the fridge helps on those occasions when corrections don't seem to work.

Good luck with the midwife tomorrow.  Let us know what transpires.  I cannot believe that a much awaited pregnancy which should have been SO joyful has been spoiled by such awful negative care.  {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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