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New school packs for parents
« on: 29 May 2014, 05:04:50 PM »
Might be of interest.  I just received the following email from Diabetes UK
Dear Patricia
You’ve heard all about our new pack for schools to help them deliver care to kids with Type 1 diabetes. Now we’ve got something to help families, too.
Today we’ve launched our brand new Type 1 diabetes at school: Parent pack. It’s an important pack for parents and families of children with diabetes to help make sure every child gets the care they need at school.
If you were diagnosed with Type 1 whilst you were at school you’ll know exactly the challenges it can bring, especially if the right support isn’t in place. That’s why we’ve created this pack, one specifically for schools and new web pages to help children, parents, school staff and healthcare professionals.  We’d love your help in spreading the word about them all. So if you can tweet, retweet, post, blog, share or speak to someone about our new Type 1 diabetes at school packs then please do – you’d be helping get them to the people who really need them.     
Why have we done all this?
It’s all part of our ‘Make the grade’ campaign. You can find out more about the campaign and order packs online at
Thank you.
The Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade team
Ps. if you think this email might help another family affected by Type 1 diabetes, please pass it on.

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