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Re: Causes of death
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This paper is also very interesting about statins and how they lead to altherosclerosis (heart disease) because they lead to coronary calcification:

Thank you for the link. I have only just started to read it. Quite surprised this paper has not been loudly trumpeted in the medical media.

Some snippets I've encountered so far:

Although not directly related to the topic of this article, selenoproteins are involved in several steps of glucose metabolism and insulin actions, providing a potential etiologic basis for statin-induced diabetes mellitus [18]. We presented an urgent proposal that statins are contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus [19].
In a clinical study of diabetics, high-frequency statin users were shown to exhibit accelerated coronary artery calcification compared with low-frequency statin users [22]. Incredibly, the lead author chose to interpret this increase in coronary calcification in a positive light by speculating that: “statins may lower the lipid-rich core of atherosclerotic plaques, and may enhance the density of calcification as part of the healing process, potentially contributing to plaque stabilization and decreased cardiovascular disease events[23].
The first reported cases of statin-related heart failure were published in 1990 [37]. Five previously stable cardiomyopathic patients had a dramatic deterioration in myocardial function measurements and in clinical status shortly after beginning lovastatin. These patients returned to prestatin condition after stopping their statin therapy and doubling their supplemental CoQ10 from 100 to 200 mg/day.

And I've only skimmed so far.
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Re: Causes of death
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...and yet they put diabetics on statins as a matter of course, even though they have not yet shown signs of heart disease!  I really do think that the wool has been well and truly pulled over the medical professionals eyes over this drug.  (Methinks Sir Rory Collins has been blinded by funding.  King's new clothes ring any bells peeps?).


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