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Anentertaining breakfast!
« on: 14 April 2016, 08:43:49 AM »
This morning, I have breakfasted with some delightful companions!
Yesterday, I combed out my fluffy collie, and as usual, put the fluffy hair in a fat block cage outside my window. Word must have got round, because I have had a procession of tits (great tits,blue tits, long tailed tits etc) queuing up to stuff their beaks with fur to line their nests ;D
Waste nothing eh!
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Re: Anentertaining breakfast!
« Reply #1 on: 14 April 2016, 05:23:04 PM »
aw sounds wonderful!
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Re: Anentertaining breakfast!
« Reply #2 on: 14 April 2016, 07:23:02 PM »
How lovely!  And what a great way to recycle!

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