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Re: Victoza Update
« Reply #15 on: 29 April 2016, 09:44:16 PM »

Haven't said much so far, because I've not had a clue what could have been wrong.  We all describe sensations differently and it's often hard to describe exactly what it is we feel, but Nyt's comment has given me something of a clue.  I have experienced a feeling of intense pressure in my chest.  I used to get it a fair bit, now only very rarely, but it turned out to be a bubble of trapped wind in my upper aesophagus.  Indigestion really, but not immediately identifiable as such because I had no burning sensation as you do with heartburn, and it wasn't where you'd expect indigestion to be I.e. beneath your ribs.  Since Victoza does have an affect on your digestive system I.e. The nausea, I wonder if it could be that?  When I had it the feeling was both painful, frightening and even once I knew what it was it was stressful.  Windeze gel caps were the best for easing it that I found, but any type of over the counter remedy helped.

As to Lantus probs , I don't recall having them really, but when I transferred to Levemir I found it a much easier regime.  FWIW I need much much less insulin in the late afternoon, something you can really only address with a pump.  I wonder if taking Lantus mid/late afternoon would help, so you'd have the period where it's weakest at the time when you tend to hypo.

Well that's a good idea, worth trying. I have been only taking half the dose of victoza the last few days to see if the symptoms changed. They were reduced in intensity whilst i've been doing that, though my dawn phenomenon is a bit crazy with only having half the victoza and lantus being in the morning. I'm going back to the 1.2 victoza until i see the doctor to talk about whether the symptoms are cause for concern or not, as i just wanted a sense of if it could be correlated with the victoza or not. I will try pattis suggestion and see if that helps at all, i struggle to describe feelings inside me so seems worth a try.

Today i took half my lantus in the morning and half just after i got home from work, before walking the dog, which is my usual most common hypo time. I will try taking it once a day at around this 5:30-6pm time now so i have the lowest dose of lantus at my usual lowest bg time and the lantus is working properly by the morning.
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Re: Victoza Update
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Do let us know how it goes taking Lantus at that time, Lucy.

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