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 This week has possibly been the most exciting week for Fixing Dad so far, so where do we even start? We've been lucky: not only have we been able to fix our dad and get him in the best shape of his life, we've also met some extraordinary and inspiring people along the way. When we questioned our faith in ourselves to keep going we were lucky enough to find people and organisations that kindly put their money where our mouth was and their generosity to us and, possibly more importantly, their belief in us kept us going.
 From the very first crowd funders and the generosity and support of the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust, to our most recent and exciting backers and distributors at The London & Surrey Cycling Partnership, we will be forever grateful to everyone who helped to make this possible.
 Without this support our project was unlikely to ever be more that two blokes making a plan in the shed. So, with all this help, what has it become? With the help of London Marathon Events and the teams @ridelondon we are finally getting our film out to the widest possible audiences. Aside from our exciting West End Premiere this Thursday, we are delighted to announce that the network premiere of Fixing Dad will be shown on BBC2 at 10pm on Sunday 24th July.
 So apologies in advance if you feel like you can't escape us this week and next! We have been inundated with interviews in the press and across various TV programmes. Dad, like the true grafter that he is, is coping well although he's definitely at his happiest when he's running cables and carrying equipment for the various camera crews and photographers we've met this week.
 When we look at him and how far the has come from the helpless and hopeless man he was, we can't help but feel very proud. He has stuck with it and exceeded everything we had hoped he could be. We are proud too of our journey and of the growing and enthusiastic and tireless team behind us especially at London Marathon, Short Books and Ways of Eating who have given up their evenings and weekends without a thought to make this work.
 To cap it all, our training for this year's 100 miler is going well (considering the non stop press)! As a bonus we even get to ride in the celebrity group but no doubt those hills and the odd puncture will keep us grounded!
 Thank you again to everyone who has supported us so far and please join us and tell us your stories. Here's to your good health!
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Re: Fixing Dad - the story of sons trying to help Dad & BBC prog
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The 'Fixing Dad' story is told in Michael Mosley's 'The Blood Sugar Diet Book' , it's another victory for the ideas behind the Newcastle Diet.

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