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Spaces on Diabetes UK Care Events in October
« on: 19 September 2016, 09:43:15 PM »
It's short notice, I know, but if anybody is interested, there are a couple of Diabetes UK charity events in October for children with Diabetes still still with spaces to fill. E.g. 22-24th Oct there's an 8-10 yr old (or close) weekend in Lincolnshire, UK. Kids are dropped off on Sat 22nd Oct am and picked on up Monday 24th Oct (School hols) and taken care over by a large specialist team of volunteer staff (there's also a Kent, young people w/end). The kids get to meet peers with Type I and learn about control while doing a range of exciting activities. It helps parents and kids to gain confidence, esp. for those upcoming school trips; plus they get to do wild activities like high ropes, archery, climbing, raft building, zip wire, big swing etc. These short events are a great stepping stone to longer week-long events or school trips. Great for newly diagnosed to know that they're not alone. Search for 'Diabetes UK 2016 care events' for landing page/application. For some reason spaces are normally filled by now, but there are still some spaces left.

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Re: Spaces on Diabetes UK Care Events in October
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Re: Spaces on Diabetes UK Care Events in October
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I remember going to an event much like this. Parents stayed when I did it 20 years ago but they had their own support groups and information sharing. It was that event that got me onto pens from syringes. I was the only kid not using pens. When we got home my mum went to our GPs and wouldn't leave without a prescription for pens, cartridges and screw on needles. To be honest as the kid it was all about meeting other kids with type I.   
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