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Garlic and Stilton mushrooms
« on: 02 October 2016, 08:09:48 PM »
I had virtually forgotten this recipe, but we had arranged for friends to come for dinner last night and the lady of the couple is a vegetarian, so I was keen to oblige a veggie menu that the 2 hubbies would eat.

Long ago when we had a hotel and restaurant I invented this recipe that featured on a pretty regular basis on our a la carte menu.  A couple from New York came to stay, enjoyed the starter and wrote to the New York Gourmet magazine suggesting that the magazine contacted me for the recipe.  They did, I duly obliged and it was printed in the May 1999 edition of the magazine.  I currently have the cover and recipe framed in my kitchen.

Serves 4 as a starter or 2 for a light lunch:

Approx 700g mushrooms depending on which type you use.  I used the Tesco Forestiere ones because I got them reduced (3 packs - might be a bit OTT for 4 starters).  You can use chestnut or ordinary mushrooms.
200 - 250 ish double cream.
Lump of butter and a couple of glugs of olive oil.
4 - 5 fat cloves of garlic.
Enough stilton crumbled to cover the top of the dishes, especially best if you can use some crusts!

Sorry it's a bit vague, I just know what to add and do it by instinct.  Wipe all the mushrooms and chop into halves or quarters dependent on the size.  Chop up the garlic finely.  Saute the mushrooms and garlic in a large frying pan or non-stick wok.  Crumble the stilton.  Once the mushrooms and garlic are softened add the double cream and simmer until the cream turns a bit thick and the mushrooms are really soft.  Put into 4 gratin dishes, top with the crumbled stilton and place in a fairly hot oven for about 10 minutes until bubbling and the cheese is browned and crispy.

For non diabetics serve with crusty bread to mop up the juices, for diabetics provide a spoon!

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Re: Garlic and Stilton mushrooms
« Reply #1 on: 03 October 2016, 11:47:43 PM »
Yes please, I can bring my own spoon!  LOL

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