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Re: Prostate Cancer News
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Just catching up with some threads, sorry I'm late to this one. I have to say I'm surprised to read how many people on the forum who are affected by prostrate trouble. Patti, Sedge and Pauline with hubbies who are having problems, and Alan - are there more I have missed?

My husband had tests a couple of years ago because he was finding it difficult to wee. I had to cajole him into going to a weekend general 'invitation' to anyone for assessment at the hospital, and he only went then because his brother in law went too. A 'safety in numbers' thing. All was deemed OK, but he still doesn't go to the toilet properly in my opinion. I don't think I've heard him pass water normally for ages now; he's constantly straining. But he won't be moved and refuses to be tested again. If it's not prostate enlargement, what could cause the difficulty in passing water?
I'm so pleased that all is going well for the four of you, and I hope it long continues

It may depend on what tests were performed. My PSA is OK (so far) but my increasing difficulty with urination caused my doctor to send me for an ultrasound. That was how my enlargement (5X) was discovered. The doc then prescribed DuoDart. It has been effective for the problem and a later ultrasound showed almost back to normal size. However, there are some possible side effects, including libido. I will be discussing changing to one of the two combination meds (Dutasteride or Tamsulosin hydrochloride) with my doc at my next visit.

Great to see the good news for the other blokes!
Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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