Author Topic: British man with type 1 diabetes to receive tests after coming off insulin  (Read 368 times)

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Story is HERE (I have linked to Diabetes UK but it is being reported in a lot of other media and publications)

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Oh WOW!  We knew not everyone's pancreas gives up the ghost completely however normally, they still don't produce anywhere near enough insulin to keep the person alive.  You do wonder if it's purely the marathon running being the cause - Alan, Northerner on forums, was so fit his T1 didn't get diagnosed for ages - so it wasn't until he had a mega chest infection that he had to dial 999 and the hospital found it PDQ thereafter, so treated both.  He still asked the doc if he'd be OK to fly to Stockholm at the weekend to run in the marathon, which he was entered in though!  (apparently, not LOL)

What I mean is, maybe the amount of insulin he produces would not be enough, were he you or I - but because he's so fit and exercises so much, it is?

Wonder where he's being tested - Joslin Inst in Boston or someplace else?

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What we do not know is whether he ever actually was T1 in the first place.  Tests to make absolutely certain of type  are so rarely done until the UK.  Mostly diagnosis is "best guess".

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