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Re: New a1c
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I already carry it in the laptop bag with the laptop and meter switched off. The error happens when I get the meter out to test, then both the laptop and meter are switched on and on my desk. I can’t switch the laptop off to test but at least once or twice a week I get this “electronic error take out batteries, wait 20 seconds, then reinsert” error. Then when you put them back in it asks you to set date and time. It’s just a long minute when you feel low.
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Re: New a1c
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FWIW the Combo meter, which is very similar to the Expert, throws an electronic error if you put the blood on too soon before it beeps to day it’s recognised the strip.  Turn it off, reinsert a new strip, let it recognise it and beep then apply blood.


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Re: New a1c
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That;s true with the Insight too Patti.  Turn it off - physically move it eg onto your lap instead of your desk, give it a minute to forget LOL, then turn it back on with the switch not just by inserting a strip, and plod through it again.  Sometimes a 'change of scene' makes all the difference when there absolutely shouldn't be grrrr.  Don't worry mate, it just happens and there's no need to panic - just take a deep breath, slightly change something and try again.

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