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Re: Visit to the Optitician.
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Asda had a better selection of thin frames than I have seen elsewhere.  There are also a number of "John Lennon" type frames about - do not suit me at all!  I got some a bit like this  was going to have both occupational and varifocals in the same frames but then I'd be going out wearing the occupational ones and not the proper outdoor ones, so chose a different frame so I can just touch the top of the arms to ascertain which pair I have on

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Re: Visit to the Optitician.
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I have used a local independent for decades. As diabetes runs in his family he had a special interest and if it is more than four to five months I let him out in drops and take a butchers. Sadly he retired while I had all the eye/heart shenanigans. I do wonder if the people who took over will match up. He always cut his regulars a good deal if they ordered two or more pairs. I will miss him but know he was getting increasingly frustrated by the NHS/benefit rules and people trying to play the system. He felt people should be given a voucher if entitled to free tests or glasses instead of piling the responsability on those doing a different job. My dentist has made similar comments!
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Re: Visit to the Optitician.
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Yearly here in NI and free for people with diabetes

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