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Insulin pumping / Re: Omnipod is GO!
« Last post by nytquill17 on Today at 01:01:45 PM »
Nah, I think I would have just as much trouble, if not more, with a tubed pump! Sleeping on the pod itself isn't a problem, it's the pressure on the cannula/tugging on the adhesive, which I reckon would still happen with a tubed pump. Although probably to a lesser degree because the site doesn't protrude as much. Buuuut then you have the tubing and constantly having to find a place for the pump itself, at night and during the day. It would be an adjustment either way, is what I'm getting at. And I feel like I mind the annoyance of the pods much less than I would mind the annoyance of a tubed pump in the long run. Though I can't properly say of course, since I've not tried both!

P.S. Have just written the CDE and told her an abridged version of what I wrote here. They did know I was going away over the weekend so hopefully their expectations were low to begin with haha.
Insulin pumping / Re: Omnipod is GO!
« Last post by Pattidevans on Today at 12:55:00 PM »
You will!  I know it’s easy to fear what the HCPs are going to say, but don’t, because they are there to help.  Talk to that CDE, ask for their help. Explain it was a holiday.   No one is well controlled ev ry minute of a holiday.

I’ve had a devil of a time this morning (which I’ll tell about in another thread).  At one point I thought the pump was broken and  I can tell you, sheer panic took over at the thought of actually having to do MDI, fir which I do have the wherewithal, but the thought terrorised me!

As to sleeping positions, perhaps you’d be better off with a tubed pump?  Mine just roams free in the bed, hardly ever lie on it by accident and don’t pull it out either.
Insulin pumping / Re: Omnipod is GO!
« Last post by nytquill17 on Today at 12:19:05 PM »
Well, I had a fun weekend away for my birthday, but diabetes definitely rained on the parade in ways it wouldn't have done pre-pump (or if I was better with the pump). Woke up early most mornings feeling sick and gross from high BGs, and barely saw an in-range number all weekend. Now I was eating massive amounts of food so I take full responsibility for that - and I certainly wasn't expecting BGs to behave well over the weekend! But I wasn't expecting to feel so sick and so stressed all the time - about BGs being high, about BGs not coming down despite multiple corrections (including many syringe corrections), about running out of insulin in the pod, about being queried about my insulin use by my pharmacy...UGH!

By the end I was restricting what I ate so as not to use too much insulin, and doing syringe boluses in order to save the insulin in the pod for basals. It all kind of put a damper on the holiday, though I did still have fun.

Woke up an hour early this morning mega high (19+) AGAIN after only having eaten a handful of crackers between 2 p.m. and bedtime (but had had 2 breakfast sandwiches at McDonald's and a roast beef sandwich and fries at Arby's before 2 p.m.). No ketones to speak of, cannula still in. BG just spiked of its own accord as soon as the bolus for the crackers ran out. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I could do differently. I mean, obviously, stop eating as much and let things settle down. But if this pump thing is going to work, it HAS to be able to (*I* have to be able to) handle a holiday with some carb splurges. Right now I kind of hate that me being on the pod means a whole chain of people are basically scrutinizing my food choices - my clinic, because of uploading my data via diasend; the pharmacy, because of me needing to buy more insulin than usual if I eat more than usual; and my insurance, if I have to replace a pod early because I go through the whole reservoir before 72 hours is up.

And now I need to upload my data for the CDE which is also stressful (they're going to see my horrible no-good very bad weekend and go over it with a fine-toothed comb. AAGH!) and I'm supposed to be getting lab work done in the next day or two for an appointment with the endo who I frankly do not want to see right now. I may just put off the appointment, all she seems to do is tick boxes anyway and I am definitely not ticking any boxes right now!!

Have promised myself I will persevere until the end of my 3 month trial period (early Sept.) but I feel like if I'm not seeing SOME benefit to BG management that outweighs all the annoyances (finding a comfortable position to sleep in, dealing with the itching when the adhesive starts pulling - and did I mention that ALL of my 5 previous infusion sites are still clearly visible on my skin? Even after nearly 2 weeks, the first ones still haven't fully healed. It's not like I had a beach-ready body to begin with or anything but if I had been I would be pretty self-conscious about it - I look like I've been attacked by biting insects!) and the added stresses and anxieties about high BGs and getting enough supplies...well this may not be for me.

Still taking comfort in the fact that all of you who have transitioned to a pump have felt similarly and none of you have turned back, so probably I will get the hang of it too! :)
General discussion / Re: Finally in the right headspace...
« Last post by nytquill17 on Today at 01:54:35 AM »
Hi Lisa!! It's good to see you again :)

The thing is, diabetes is a relentless slog. And it isn't always tops on our priority list - it's important, but it's not the sum total of who you are and the life you lead, you know? :) So it's always a balancing act, never automated or easy. The important thing isn't that you never go off track, it's that you keep checking in with yourself and course-correcting when you realize things have gone awry. So you're doing that, which is excellent!

I recently came across a great piece of advice from Adam Brown who writes on (T1) diabetes management and motivation: the problem with diabetes is that most of the motivations to "do the right thing" are very far in the future, and most of them are negative. E.g. I need to have in-range BGs today so that I don't develop complications years down the line. The trick is to find motivations that are personal, immediate, and POSITIVE. What will having in-range BGs do for you today? Those are a lot easier to care about! And it's often things like: I'll have more energy and a more even mood. I'll be more productive at work and a better person to my friends, family, and loved ones. It really helps me to think in concrete and immediate terms like that - then I feel like I'm doing my diabetes care for me and my loved ones, and not to please a doctor or because I "should".

Let us know how you get on! I do hope you can get hold of a Libre in the near future, too!
Insulin and medication / Re: Fingers crossed
« Last post by nytquill17 on Today at 01:39:33 AM »
Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear this, Plumb. Any chance you can challenge the CCG's ruling? Maybe you can't get it overturned but you at least deserve to know WHY they are denying you something that is clearly a desirable health care pathway (as you say, if the PM has one...!). And though I don't claim to understand much about either finance or politics, and I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the people having to make these kinds of decisions, I do think that if they're going to deny you something that helps with your medical care, someone ought to have to look you in the eye and tell you why that is, it's the least they can do.
Insulin and medication / Re: Fingers crossed
« Last post by plumb on Yesterday at 09:27:34 PM »
Sorry I was gone so long but all was going well prescription for 2 months supply, only another 3 months untill the revew at the end of the trial. Keeping my fingers crossed did not work I had a phone call from my GP to say that the Libre has not been approved by the local CCG, so there would be no more prescriptions for the Libre. I was just wondering why some CCG think more of their Diabetics than others. But What can we do it should be all, or no one as we are in a National health service and we all contribute the same.If they were of little use why does the PM Teresa May have one.

The address for the academy I have is if you have trouble ring
0800 170 1177.
General discussion / Re: Finally in the right headspace...
« Last post by Pattidevans on Yesterday at 07:14:12 AM »
Oh Lisa, glad to hear you at least have some medication to help.

thank you for your comments on my health.  I think it was all mainly down to stress moving house last year.  I’m mostly OK now except for a trapped nerve in my neck which is agony, but I expect the physio can sort that if I can get an appointment.
Food, diet and weight management / Re: Weight loss and insulin
« Last post by Pattidevans on Yesterday at 07:10:59 AM »
I t often goes skew whiff if you go back to add something in the middle of what you’ve typed, or if you edit/copy/paste a passage from elsewhere Moby.
Food, diet and weight management / Re: Weight loss and insulin
« Last post by Moby on 17 June 2018, 07:21:29 PM »
That was all typed out nicely on my laptop, what's gone wrong?

I'm on my tablet at the moment, I'll sort it out later to make it easier to read.

No idea what's happened there!
General discussion / Re: diabetes , the fast fix
« Last post by BBarb on 17 June 2018, 09:50:51 AM »
Look forward to it.
I have a suspicion that lchf works better for men than it does women, perhaps because of muscle size(?). 
My husband's capacity for fat was his downfall I think - he ate the stiff in shedloads.  He also had a habit of cheating without thinking .... eg he always bought chocolate bars for the children when he collected the Sunday paper, and when they married and grew up he continuedd with this, but he ate the chocolate bars himself.
I thought he'd given the habit up, but when he was away the other weekend I collected the papers for him and the girl in the village shop aske me 'did I still want J's chocolate?'
He's trying this free 12 weeks at slimming world now (basically low fat) but if he's still getting the chocolate ...... well I have my doubts.
I think my own problem was my meals were just too BIG so I'm started using a smaller plate.
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